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Tasting Set BEMBEL-WITH-CARE, 2x0,5l Pur, Cola + Apfelwein glas

Product number: 00212
9,70 €
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The BEMBEL-WITH-CARE cider tasting set is a great choice to taste different tastes and a great gift for a good friend.

Apfelwein Pur is the truest cider. 100% apples, nothing more. Made from ripe apples in the wild gardens of the Odenwald. Free of sweeteners and artificial flavors (6% alc.);

Apfelwein Cola, Odenwald Cider with Cola. Cider cocktail: 65% cider, 35% cola-flavored caffeine-containing lemonade (4% alc.).

2x0,5l can, includes 2x0,10€ deposit